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• 4/27/2018

Resident Evil Reunion

A roleplay between me and Draculara.Clawd featuring our Ocs kids of the Resident Evil cast if you want to include other Ocs you could but it's mainly focuses on the resident Evil cast kids, and if anyone else wants to join check with me or Draculara. Clawd first.
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• 7/7/2018

Welcome to Discussions!

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Have fun!
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• 7/1/2017

The Giant and The Medic (Private Rp between Lucas and Farah)

Lucas Wilhelm was in the school corridor on his way to one of his classes. Now in truth when he first came to this school he almost broke off the front door but he quickly stopped himself for he didn't want to get on the principal's bad side.
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• 4/4/2017

Vicki and Lance

Victoria Johnson had taken a liking to Lance. Not romantically, mind you, but in the way someone cares for a companion cube, like a friend. Yes, like a friend... Anyway, she was looking for him as she wanted to hang out. Hopefully, Audrey Simmons wouldn't be here. She spotted him and said "Lance! Overhere!"
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• 2/9/2017

Valentine's Dance (Walk In Roleplay)

(Since Valentine's Day's coming soon, why don't we do something special like... A VALENTINES DAY ROLEPLAY! Everyone can easily join as long as they provide a link to your OC's page (it doesn't need to be finished) or a brief description of your OC)
Wilva Dreemurr walked down the hall of her new school. She's been here for a few days and hasn't been doing much. She didn't know how to feel about it. She hated being alone but at least there was less of a chance of her hurting someone. If she ever decided to. Wilva hasn't interacted with anybody other than her "family" for a while so this was a bit new and strange. If only if she had a chance to interact with other students.
As if by chance, suddenly Wilva saw a poster. In giant print, it said: "​COME TO THE VALENTINES DAY!FULL OF FOOD, MUSIC, FUN, AND LOVE!"​
The blonde tilted her head curiousy. A dance? Perhaps this could be her chance to socialize with others! Sure it would be a bi-​"Would you stop and make a choice?"​ A voice in her head shouted. Wilva sighed. To think Frisk dealt with Chara. At least they got along. Her's and Chara's relationship on the other hand....It's complicated. Nonetheless, Wilva knew what she wanted to do.
​"The thought of going to the Valentine's Dance to meet new people fills you with Determination!"
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• 5/27/2015

I cant connect my fb to my wikia

This me DC!!I am trap now!For being a Wikia Contributor!!HALP
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• 11/30/2014

Make me stop mucking about.

Welp I'm bored so.
Force me to write some drabble, you guys. Give me a song and I'll write a quick little thing just for 'ya. Doesn't matter the song, doesn't matter what it's from, doesn't matter who you are, I'm bored and want to write but I'm not feeling Pixels and Polygons right now, which is...Upsetting, yes. Shrug.
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• 11/15/2014

Silly Self-Indulgence

I wanna write my OCs without progressing at all in Pixels and Polugons (logic). So.
Any of my buddies up for any roleplay?~ Either in a 1x1 or in a group, whatever you like. I literally have no ideas, so feel free to pick which of my OCs you want me to be (writing them all is fun) if there's something you wanna do. I'm just here to dope around with my dorks, not to be picky.
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• 7/4/2014

We need more users characters

It looks like we need more users and characters page. Somebody need to invite in MH Fandom Wiki.
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• 6/29/2014

More Admins?

Okay, so this discussion/thread is for the admins to decide about promoting other users to adminship/and/or chat mods.
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