After the Math Class,Leona opened her locker and she get one of her books,after closing her locker she accidently hit a scarlet eyed girl."Oh,I am sorry it was an accident"Leona said with worrying"No,It's ok and What's your name?"the scarlet eyed girl asked"Well,I am Leona S. Kennedy"Leona smiled"I am Luna.Luna Twili"the scarlet eyed girl replied"Nice to meet you Luna"Leona said before they shake thier hand.

After that,Leona was alone because Chrissy was at the hospital because of the minor injuries when she protect Leona from the dodge ball,Luna saw her so she decided to sit with her "Are you ok?"she asked with pitiness"Nothing"Leona sighed"Tell me anything I will help you"Luna said"My friend Chrissy was at the hospital"Leona cried"Why?"."Minor injury and her nose bleeds heavily because she saves me from the dodge balls"Leona lowers her head"Dont worry Leona,It will be ok"she smiled and pat her back "Your right,Thanks Luna"she said before she hugged Luna.After that,Luna and Leona became friends.

Leona visits to the hospital she wore her brown jacket with gray shirt,a dark blue skirt and a black shoes."Uhm,nurse have you seen Chrissy Redfield" she asked"Oh that girlat the second floor" the nurse pointed a stair.As she climbed upstairs she began to smiled she really miss Chrissy..She found Chrissy playing her Android phone"Hi Leona"Chrissy waves her hand"Oh!Hi Christer hows your feeling today?"Leona asked with a friendly tone"Yep!I feel better today and my injuries almost healed"Chrissy said"Well.Okay so I am gonna go because Mr Magneto needs my help.Bye"Leona waves with a smile showing her teeth"Bye Leona".

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