Its the first episode of the third chapter of Game High make By Solonor1987


Alexia Kidd

Jamie Heller

Calliope Nivans

Warius Bros

Monia Treasure

Mare Nette

Piers Fazbear

Ruby Cooper

Bunnito Rabbit

Piers Altean


Alexia: Here i am, that school seem amaizing.

Piers Altean: Hi.

Alexia: Hi

Piers Altean : Well i'm piers and you.

Alexia: I'm Alexia Kidd.

They walk in the hallway.

Jamie: hey Piers who is you're new friend.

Piers Altean: New friend, you go a little bit far Jamie.

Alexia: i,m Alexia Kidd i am new here.

Calliope Nivans: well its awesome to see new people.

Jamie: true.

Alexia: well its nnice to meet you.

Three other students arrive

Piers Fazbear: Well it seem we got a new one.

Mare Nette: Yeah, she just arrived.

Alexia: Well it seem that you,re not the only one to see me.

Piers Altean: I knopw, but i am not the only one to be calling Piers neither.

Monia: Yeah they are almost three people to have that names.

Warius: Yeah almost all of them its so confusing.

Jamie i know right.

Caliope: Guys she need to know all of us.

Piers Fazbear: She will later.

Mare Nette we have classes.

Alexia: It was nice to meet you all.

Ruby and Bunnito arrived.

Ruby: So you're new.

Bunnito: Well we never new students before.

Alexia: Why

Bunnito: Because everyone know each others here, but its nice to see new faces.

Ruby: welocme to Game high.

Alexia: Thanks.

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