At Ant

Allie felt bored at class because of the lesson.She began to yawn and close her eyes to sleep,Until,a door opens and there was a girl wore a nurse uniform with a hospitl mask and a heart-shaped patch at her left eye"It's supposed to be wore at the hospital not in the school!"Allie talking to herself"Quite Wesker!"Mr Willt shouted and the whole class laughs"Ok,met youre new student.Ok introduce yourself"Mr Willy said with a grumpy tone"I am Valeria,the daugter of Valentine in the game called Skullgirls" the girl said in a exicted tone"Ok,have sit"Mr Willy began to blush.Valeria sat at Allie's side"Hi I am Allizabeth Wesker"Allie said in the bored tone"Valeria"Valeria said in the calm tone.

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