Quotation1.png I really get why you prefer being in the graveyard... you don't have to talk to anyone else.. Quotation2.png
Aamar talking to Jayden

Aamar Grantz is the granddaughter of Victor Grantz, also known as the Postman. One of the survivors from the survival symmetrical game Identity V. She is Hermes's twin sister.



Aamar is a tall girl (5.5 ft/1,70 cm) with a thin body. She has blonde wavy long hair, fair skin and brown eyes as well as a medium thin nose and thin lips. Her hair is usually tied up in a low pony-tail and uses a newsboy type of cap. She uses a white dress shirt and deep red shorts with suspenders of the same color. On her legs she wears black tights and black ankle boots. She sometimes wears a red postwoman styled jacket and a brown bag.


Aamar is a really shy girl who really doesn't like talking to people, only her close friends are the ones able to hear her speak. She has social anxiety to the point she can start crying if she has to say something infront of the public. Even so, Aamar has a good soul, being a really kind girl.

Some people might consider her rude since she doesn't speak back to absolutely anyone, but it's just that she doesn't like to. With her really close friends she shows a goofy personality, she likes to sing and do random stuff. This type of behaviour is shown only because she feels comfortable with her friends. Her close friends usually describe her as a really adorable girl, and say she resembles a hamster due to how cute she is.


In Game




Even if she has this shy personality, she has a nice relationship with her parents but mostly with her twin brother. Since Hermes is the big brother for a couple of minutes, he's usually really protective of her which is something she loves. Hermes always protects her, and she really feels happy with it. Even if she doesn't show it that much, she really loves her brother.


Being this shy individual, it is really hard for her to get a group of friends. Even so, she started to get along with Jayden who is kinda like her in the sense they're both not that talkative. Eventually Allie also joined their little squad as that burst of excitement to their life. The little squad they have is called: HAJA (Hermie, Aamar, Jayden and Allie). Aside from them, she likes Jerry's presence for he is really calm.




Aamar doesn't think she is capable of being loved by someone, but she would like to have a couple that will always love her. Still, she's interested in Avery Pliny. Avery seems like a really adorable boy to her, but due to her social anxiety she can't talk to him.


  • She's the postwoman of the school, delivering mail to every student. She tries using this as a way to let go off her anxiety but fails everytime and just leaves after delivering the mail.
  • Aamar means "moon" in Arabic.
  • She's mostly inspired on her creator's bestfriend, who has the same name.
  • She usually prefers to eat fish over other types of meat, but can eat any type of meat.
  • Aamar suffers from social anxiety.
  • She has severe arachnophobia, and will cry if she ever sees a spider walking towards her or on top of her. If the spider is a far, she would just be so scared that wouldn't be able to move.
  • Due to her arachnophobia, she is scared of Arania even if she knows she's not a bad person.
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