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Ace witnessed her sister's insanity
Ace Kennedy is the youngest daughter of Leon and Ada


She is the troublemaker of the family,so she is always getting grounded or  put herself into detention in her elementary years until her highschool days.Ace is easily get angry when being underestimated by people due to her  height,so she fight them back by brawling,which is also the main cause of her Detention.Ace was also sneaky and rebellious!


Unlike Roxy,She had a dirty blonde hair which is from her father and a pair of chocolate brown eyes from her mother,she has also pale skin with a heart tatoo on her cheeks and a star tatoo on her legs, Her height measured 5' 4!



Ace was a daddy's girl , she really love her dad so much, she didnt care when her dad will punish her, but her dad will be her role model that's why she drown her self into the Deliquent side. Ada was so stressed about her, causing Ace had a great hatred towards to Ada. She is also disrespectful to her cousins,especially to Kankri and her sister.


Mostly her fellow deliquents was her known Allies!


Roxy has no pets since birth.


She really hate people who underestimate her and also getting bored of Jessica's girliness!


She had a crush on possibly Kung Jin's younger cousin which is also a Deliquent!


  • Like Roxy,She is a Half-American and Half-Chinese but only English that she knows to speak.
  • She is inspired of one of the Deliquent in Yandere Simmulator
  • She is the Revive version of Fionna S.Kennedy
  • Ace was a big fan of Pewdiepie and Jacksepticeye.
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