Adelbert Andersson
Gaming Series of Origins The Count Lucanor
Gaming Parentage Hans
Age 16
Alignment Protagonist
Roommate Unknown
Victorious Moments Vell, knowledge is power, correct? So vhy not use said power to get yourself and others out of a pinch? It's even better vhen a reward is gained at the end, as vell.
Knock Out! Moments The supernatural. No. Just.. No. There comes a time in an individual's life vhere they need to know vhen to hold them, and vhen to fold them. And that's my folding time.
Favored School Subject Game History. Seeing how everyone came to be and such.. It's got a certain draw to it that's interesting, indeed.
Least Favored School Subject Investigation. Don't get me wrong, I find a good mystery rather intriguing, but.. von't some of them involve.. ghosts..?
Allies Unknown
Nemeses Unknown
Favorite Food Doesn't believe in favoritism when it comes to food, but is partial to cookies.
Adelbert is the son of Hans, the unfortunate heir-to-be in Baroque Decay's The Count Lucanor.

Personality Edit

Adelbert lives for adventure, much like his father, Hans, had. He enjoys discovering new things and acquiring new valuables that aren’t nailed down and don’t have ownership on them. Thanks to his grandmother lending him the Count’s fortune, he’s as wealthy as any kid his age could dream of.. Though, unlike most kids, he doesn’t brag too much about it. In fact, he’s so modest that he first mentions that he used to be SO poor that back where he used to live, he needed window cleaners to clean his window cleaners.. To clean his windows. Being born from a father that came from a modest indie adventure pixel game, Adelbert doesn’t really talk a lot about it, either. That and talking about it brings back memories.. Awful memories.

Adelbert is very intuitive and creative, using his knowledge as a weapon instead of the skills he wishes he had from other fellow game descendants. He’s pleasant enough to talk to, and even a reliable asset when it comes to planning out things. Despite his love of adventure, being from the horror side of gaming, he is incredibly superstitious and wary of the paranormal, or, really, anything leading to danger. He’s a firm supporter of the “if you’re far away enough, no harm will befall you” rule, and is convinced that he will not and cannot die because he runs as far away from danger as possible. And besides, he’s left-brained anyways-- what can he do that possibly pertains to action? Well, his creativity and resolve tend to do him a solid in that regard, prompting him to think and act quick, and do so immediately. Although Adelbert is usually fairly quiet, he’s not afraid to speak his mind bluntly. There’s a difference between snarking and saying what’s on your mind without malice.

Appearance Edit

Much like his father, Adelbert has a pale skin tone, short brown hair that ends where his neck begins (with a few bangs in the front of his face here and there), and blue eyes. He is also of average height and weight.

His outfit consists of a blue button-up shirt with a white vest with red lining, and black pants, along with brown boots-- of the very same make of his father’s. Finally, he wears a dust-brown cloak around all of this.

Relationships Edit

Romance Edit

Will be willing to join up with someone studious and well-informed, as well as able to defend themselves. He barely holds up much standards-- he wouldn’t want to come off as unfair to some.

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