Personality Edit

You'd swear this teenager is the spitting image of his father. And you'd be right. He's just as friendly, respectful, generous, and eccentric as his father. Aimi also adores dancing, both actual dancing and the "dancing" that his father loves. His perseverance is astounding, as Aimi will stop at nothing until he gets what he wants. He's much less masculine than his father but that hasn't really stopped him.

Aimi is also much more careful than his father, preferring to look things over instead of just rushing into things on a whim. Although his impulses do get the better of him at times.

Physical Description Edit

He like his father, has an androgynous appearance, complete with with violet hair and blue eyes. His skin is fair and he seems to be very tall but that is due to his heels. He also has a beauty mark near his mouth and long lashes.

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