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Akari to every strangers

Akari is the "child"/ apprentice of Shiranui or Ri from the Onyomoji Series. Akari was known as the girl in the moon as she appears in the moonlight where she perform a graceful dance while stepping on the waters.



Akari is somewhat of a gentle and a graceful lady, she always got the eyes on anyone whenever she came across her, she is also loyal because of her finding her lost lover without knowing he died 500 years ago due to old age.\

The shirannui also felt uneasy and panicky whenever people wanted to go near her due to a samurai's son attempted to assassinate her due to refusing his affection. This make her hurting people due too her anxiety


Before becoming a Shiranui herself, she had slender yet pale looking girl, a brown eyes and black hair that is well styled.


500 years ago before becoming a Shiranui, she was once a graceful dancer who fell in love with a peasant boy named Hiroshi. Their relationship was hidden due to her parents wanted her to marry a fortunate boy for her.

During a performance, a samurai's son fell for her, after that he asked her hand but Akari refused to be his lover and because of that he began to spread rumors on her that she is a witch because of that her parents locked her up while the people surround her home to burn her but during that time that she is locked a butterfly appear.

Hiroshi then appear saved her life but after escaping the samurai's son stabbed her with his father's katana but the butterflies makes her immune to the stab making him horrified, after that their house collided as Akari dragged Hiroshi to repay what he did for her as she said "I am free"

After that, a woman in white greeted her after saving her lover. then that time hew new journey begins however she kept searching for Hiroshi until to this day..



Before she was an apprentice for Ri, she had a parents but used her for money because of her talent and beauty.


She used to have friends but using her for her fame and this experience make her embrace solitude


She had white rabbits that she have taken care with.


She despise cruel people.


500 years ago, she had a lover named Hiroshi, a peasant boy. Their relationship is healthy but it has to be hidden due to her parents.


  • Akari is a Japanese name that means "light"
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