Quotation1.png You know..You must chill down whenever you lose Isha! Quotation2.png
Alani advises to Isha

Alani Gibraltar is the adoptive daughter of Makoa Gibraltar ,A Defensive Legend from a free-to-play battle royale, Apex Legends. She is one of the members of the kickboxing and also the member rescuing team.



Alani was a brave young woman who had slightly inherited her adoptive father's rebellious nature which makes her a tough person in general and she appears to have good sportsmanship.

She is also passionate on rescuing people because of how her adoptive father rescued people many times and she wanted to be on his footsteps.





Her parents are a part of the Hammond Robotics as she remembered when she was younger until one day her parents got murdered by Revenant which left her in streets for months, then once she is nearly unconscious, Makoa saw her and took her to his home. Later she become his adoptive daughter, Alani's relationship with Makoa is extremely close that they always bond each time.




Alani loves to pets however she have no time for it because of her sports and studies that makes her unable to have pets roaming around the dorm.


She disliked Peter of how annoying he is when she got forced to buy his bake even though she is not a fan of sweets along with rumors about him for being a cultist.


Alani has a romantic relationship with Willow, which she always protected her as well as trusting her in anything.


  • Alani's name from a Hawaiian word that means "orange".
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