Aldrian Mercer
Gaming Series of Origins Prototype Series
Gaming Parentage Alex Mercer
Age 17 Year old
Alignment Antagonist
Roommate Jaime Heller
Victorious Moments Be the protagonist of my game for tries to save the world. Same if i know i will become the antagonist of a other game for put the virus on someone else and use him.
Knock Out! Moments Be defeated and see my plan failed when i going to die in the game where i will be the antagonist of the game.
Favored School Subject Antagology 101
Least Favored School Subject Gym
Allies My brother is my true only friend and i will not hurt him same if we told to do i will not hurt him for nothing.
Nemeses Jaime Heller my own roommate because that's him who will go to destroy my plan in his game for save his sister when i held her as a hostage.
Favorite Food inhalated Chicken and fries
Allan is the son of Alex Mercer in Prototype has a protagonist and antagonist in the second game.


He's a little kind and friendly, he's also very athletic same if do not like it at all but like run sometime, he also a boy who is inconcious of the danger and play with the others emotion.

Character physical description

He wear a black hooded coat and pants and have gray shoes on his feet. He can transform his body just like his dad.



He's the son of Alex Mercer in Prototype and older brother of Terezi Mercer.


His brother is his only friend he have since their parents are gone he never go to hurt his brother for no reason.


Jamie Heller his own roommate because in his second game that's him the protagonist of the game.



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