Physical Appearance

Alex is a 6ft 6 inches tall young man with spiky dirty blonde hair caucasian skin a light muscular build brown eyes but a lighter shade of color, he's also seen shirtless and wears a pair of torn green shorts with patches on it.


Alex has unfortunately inherited his father‘s insanity, making him an extremely difficult person to put up with or befriend. For people think he‘s mentally unstable, which is partially true but even he has his limits. However despite his fractured mind, and obsession with blowing stuff up off school grounds, he is seen as a eccentric and intelligent plus caring individual.



Alex is the son of the criminal mercenary and explosion addict Jamie Fawkes AKA Junkrat.


Alex is single.


Alex has an Australian accent.

Alex has a rip tire of his own.

Despite his insanity Alex is a decent guy to be around as long as you don’t push him to unleash his insane side.


Quotation1 It’s a perfect day for some mayhem Quotation2
Alex using his father’s quote
Quotation1 Yeah I’m insane but I unlike my dad I could control it, just don’t rub me the wrong way and we’ll all get along just fine, unless you do want to see my insanity side. Quotation2
Alex on his insanity
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