Quotation1 So the Mafia is after ya no worries my cousin and I will look into this and take care of them for now just lie low Quotation2
Alex to Chuck Angelo
Alex Stryker is the son of Kurtis Stryker from the Mortal Kombat series he's also the cousin to Finn Stryker and Game High's local police officer and the latest Mortal Kombat student to attend Game High.

Physical Appearance

Alex is a tall young man with blond hair caucasian skin a jacked muscular build blue eyes a perma-stubble and sports a police uniform a backwards ball cap and tennis shoes or casual clothes.


Alex is seen as a strict, stern, brave, bold, lawful, tough, cynical, serious, athletic, task -focused, intimidating, respectful, hard boiled, commanding, kindhearted, skilled, brotherly, responsible, reasonable, courageous, independent, honorable, knowledgeable, caring, mature, cautious, and hard working plus he has his own moral code.



Alex is the son of Kurtis Stryker and a unknown mother he's also the cousin to Finn Stryker and he's very close to them all.


Despite his tough intimating and cynical personality Alex had made at least five friends with Lawrence Gumshoe, Chad Redfield, Samuel Castellanos, Trent Macgrath, and Chuck Angelo.




Alex is single.



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