Alexia Kidd
Frankie stein base by vampirella69-d7gm3uc
Gaming Series of Origins Alex Kidd Serie
Gaming Parentage Alex Kidd
Age 15 year old
Alignment Good
Roommate Lina Elf
Victorious Moments Being the heroine of the story.
Knock Out! Moments Well i hate when someone don't trust me
Favored School Subject Protagonist 101
Least Favored School Subject Weponology 101
Allies Well some of the students
Nemeses Well all biullies from the school.
Favorite Food Fishs and fruits


Alexia is very kind and nice to people who are nice with her , but she doesnt's like when someone bullied her, because it make her very angry, she doesn't like mean girls neither. She always like when when everyone its nice to each others, but will see that its not always easy in this school.


She had light skin, light brown hairs and dark brown eyes, she wear blue clothes, she always like everything of this color, she never wear anything else then that.



All students are her friends, but Lina Elf its the one who really understand her clearly, she will never go anywhere without her.


She's the only daughter of Alex Kidd


She doesn't have any romances, because she do not interested in this , but did have some boys who tried to steal her hearts, but she's not easy to seduce bevcause she doesn't seem to be ready to get in a relationships with any boys yet but does attracted some of them at first sight.

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