Alice Gillespie a descendant of Alessa Gillespie the Antagonist of the Silent Hill Series she's the 3rd Silent Hill character to attend Game High after Robbie and Zak who both happen to be a brother figure to her despite Robbie's father never meeting or encountering her ancestor during his time in Silent Hill.

Physical Appearance

Alice sports pale skin, dark brown eyes, and short but very dark brown hair while also wearing a navy blue Japanese schoolgirl with white socks and black dress shoes.


Alice displays a shy but kind demeanor, who also wishes for a peaceful world full of empathy and love, she's also caring, selfless, determined, tenacious, she also possesses astounding willpower and strength but despite this she's also vindictive, scorned, and dark spirited to degree but not without reason she even has great anger, spite, and hate but this is only directed at cultist and or members of the order.



Alice is a descendant of Alessa Gillespie her parents are unknown foster parents who treated her well and respect her decisions.


Alice closest friends are Zak Grady son of Travis Grady and Robbie Pendleton though their more like her brother figures than friends.


Alice is enemies with Peter Christiansen due his uncle's cultist background, she also hates Evelynn because of her bullying which reminds Alice of her ancestor's background.


Alice is single.


Alice has a multiple fears.

Alice could willingly travel between the otherworld and the Fog World.

Alice inherited her ancestor's abilities/powers.

Alice enjoys literary works such as Alice in Wonderland, Wizard of Oz, the Lost World, Edgar Allan Poe, Mother Goose, and Cinderella.


Quotation1 The Darkness is coming for you two better get out while you still can Quotation2
Alice to Peter and Evelynn
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