Aliya Wonder
Gaming Series of Origins Wonder Boy
Gaming Parentage Wonder Boy
Age 13 Year old
Alignment Protagonist
Roommate Timmy Distress
Victorious Moments Be the woder boy hum i mean wonder girl, because my dad was a wnder boy but me i am a girl.
Knock Out! Moments Losing everything is weakness i hate lose my make up and other thing girls have.
Favored School Subject Protagonist 101 and Herology.
Least Favored School Subject Antagonist 101 and Quoute.
Allies All of the protagonists and some antagonists if they are friendly.
Nemeses Mean girls i don't like them at all.
Favorite Food Fruits bowl.


She's very friendly and kind, she like fruits she eat fruit everytime like her father, but she like a croosover game character. because she know she's similar to the person the next Adventure Island.

Physical DescriptionEdit

She's a cave girl, she wearing a fur clothes, but in other game she go to waer something different, she had blond hairs blue eyes and pale skin, at the first game she wear nothing in her feet.



She's the daughter of Wonder boy and Tina, she a only child, but she had a two cousins who go to be the next hero of the next Adventure Island.


Alle protagonits from the next game are her friends, some antagonits too if they are not mean, they can be her friends.


All mean girls are her enemies, one in particularity, is the daughter of the dark king, because she go to kidnapped her boyfriend, and go to save him.

Love InterestEdit

She dating Timmy Distress, she's is in love with him, but also know Princess Dark also love him, so that's why in her game she will kidnapped Timmy, so Aliya have to keep him away from her, same if Princess Dark doesn't want to be evil, well when game high will be over, the two of them will have no choice to follow their destiny.

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