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Quotation1.png Fairness is false to me because the thing that exist are win and loss Quotation2.png
Allie to Jayden after a loss in match.

FAlessandro Balsa is the great grandson of the decoder named Luca Balsa or also known as the "Prisoner", from the asymmetrical horror game, Identity V. He is the known "Mad Inventor"



Aliie is an ambitious young inventor who is willing to build his greatest invention whenever how hard it is to do as long as his people will benefit with it in the future, however his obsession of his invention gives him having a constant anxiety with failures and will freak out if that happens but this only occurs to his inventions he built. Allie is an intelligent person when it comes to technologies.

Allie is also a ditzy prankster and a self proclaimed mad lad which makes his boyfriend Jayden panic because of him getting into trouble .

But despite of being a so called gremlin, he showed that he is extremely caring and affectionate to Jayden because he sees him as his "gentle mole".


Allie was a skinny young man, he possesses a dark brown hair tied into a pony tail, a green eyes with dark under eye and pale skin.

He wore a black and white long sleeved shirt that has folded sleeves, a grey overalls and a non conductive brown soles

Allie wears his grey "lucky beanie", an anti shock gloves and a leather belt bag


Before Luca is arrested he had a child with his fiancée (From arrange marriage) back then, after his arrest as well as losing his memory they began to leave him behind which makes Luca drive mad because of this causing to blame himself for not caring his child.

Years later, once his child had a family of his own with his fellow inventor, he had their first child which is named as Clarita Balsa.. Clarita is a inventor herself when she was younger, as she grow older she began marry a fellow inventor, Flint Alva. Years Later, they had a son named Alessandro Balsa, Clara loved her son dearly since it reminded her of her grandfather Luca but Flint on the other hand didn't care at him at all but he is more focused on his works than him even he let his wife involve on his work, ignoring him



His relationship with his family is pretty normal but his parents was lacking their time to him making him lonely most of his childhood. That's why he become an independent child at the early age.


He and Nate are partners in crime when it comes to inventing stuffs, once they are together, the hunters always get cipher rushed in few minute but with them together they are undefeatable due to their chaotic nature. He also made a friend group with his boyfriend and the twins.


He had pet mouse named Zapper, the only disadvantage of having him is that he always bites his wires which is why his cage is always secured however when Allie is leaving his dorm, he will mostly forget to secure his cage.


Allie hated Hector during the day he used his project and claimed it as his. Which is why he avoided him during projects after that feud.


He used to have a crush on Renée but that feelings doesn't last long since he heard she is more fascinated of her admirer. After Jayden's break up with Esther, they began to form a relationship together as well as getting attach to his family


  • His name was based of Alessandro Volta, an Italian physicist, chemist, and pioneer of electricity and power who is credited as the inventor of the electric battery and the discoverer of methane.
  • Allie sometimes rely on Raijin's power whenever he invents something.
  • Allie hated to be called by his real name because it weirded him out (Except for his parents and Jayden)
  • Allie has a sharp fang on the right side of his tooth and he once wounded someone with that. He even bite someone with it
  • Because of how complicated his relationship with his parents, he became attach to Jayden's mother fill his loneliness.
  • Allie made a recording dedicated to Jayden
  • His quote is based off one of Luca's deduction star quote.
  • Allie was mistaken as Elias' broher