Quotation1 Maybe that electric guy will help activating my greatest invention! Quotation2
Allie to Tilly

Alessandro Balsa is the grandson of the decoder named Luca Balsa or also known as the "Prisoner", from the asymmetrical horror game, Identity V. He is the known "Mad Inventor".



Aliie is an ambitious young inventor who is willing to build his greatest invention whenever how hard it is to do as long as his people will benefit with it in the future, however his obsession of his invention gives him having a constant anxiety with failures and will freak out if that happens but this only occurs to his inventions he built. Allie is an intelligent person when it comes to technologies.

Allie is also annoying prankster to his fellow Identity V people, which is why they constantly called him as a "living pest".


Allie was a skinny young man, he possesses a dark brown wavy hair, a brown eyes with dark under eye and pale skin.

He wore a black and white t-shirt that give's the vibes of a prisoner, a grey denim overalls that folded on the bottom to reveal his ankles and he wore an brown electrical hazard footwear.

Allie has a pencil on his left ear, a brown mechanic belt , a thigh bag, a dirty yellow gloves and some bandages on both fore arms and on the right ankle.


Before Luca is arrested he had a child with his fiancee back then, after his arrest they began to leave him behind which makes Luca drived mad because of this causing to blame himeslf.

Years later, once his child had a family of his own with his fellow inventor, he had their first child which is named as Allessandro Balsa.



His relationship with his family is pretty normal but their business causing them to be distant, which is why Allie learns some basic chores for himself.


He and Tilly are partners in crime when it comes to inventing stuffs, once they are together, the hunters always get cipher rushed in few minute. Jerry was also his close ones however he always felt awkward when Jerry joked about his own disability to him and Rupert was also his best friend and they always cut classes together just to hangout in the forest.


He had pet rat named Zapper, the only disadvantage of having him is that he always bites his wires which is why his cage is always secured.


Allie hated Hector during the day he used his project and claimed it as his. Which is why he avoided him during projects after that feud.


He used to have a crush on Tilly but that feelings doesn't last long. After Jayden's break up with Esther, they began to form a relationship.


  • His name was based of Alessandro Volta,an Italian physicist, chemist, and pioneer of electricity and power who is credited as the inventor of the electric battery and the discoverer of methane.
  • Allie sometimes rely on Raijin's power whenever he invents something.
  • He smelled like a burned toast.
  • Allie hated to be called by his real name because it weirded him out (Except for his parents)
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