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Alodia after the training session

Alodia Song (알로디아 송) is the younger sister D.VA also known as Hana Song, a tank from Overwatch Series. She is a professional gamer and a pilot in training from the Mobile Exo-force of the Korean Army. She is also one of the V.I.P student.



Alodia was competitive and serious when it comes to every gaming competition, because she currently took Hana's place as a professional gamer because of that she began to look up to her and she wanted to be as cool as her sister.

When meeting her fans and around friends, she is bubbly and friendly towards them to show how she loves her supporters dearly.




Alodia was born in Busan, Korea along with her sister Hana, when she was younger, she began to gave interest with technology especially gaming related technology which her obsession of gaming was influenced by Hana herself, during the time that Hana was a professional gamer she was always there to support her in every competition she joined.

When Hana became Mecha pilot, Alodia began to take her place as a pro gamer which fortunately she had a lot of fans like her and currently she is also a pilot in training to the Mobile Exo-force of the Korean Army because she might join the forces to protect the country and she have to train in case.



Alodia was raised in a fortunate family along with Hana, she and Hana are close to each other and they both shared their interest in gaming which closer their bond as sisters..




Alodia owned a bunny named Usagi which is her mascot.




She had no interest with romance and she said that Foods and Gaming are eternal than having a love of her life.


  • Alodia was named after a Filipino/Chinese cosplayer and gamer named Alodia Gosiengfiao, she is known to be as Queen of Cosplay in the Philippines
  • Alodia was into kawaii aesthetic.
  • Alodia's username in every games is _Bunnylodia_ and she streams twice a week.
  • According to Clover, sometimes their room was messy whenever she play video games and when she live streams her room will be cleaned
  • She is being mocked by calling her a "simp magnet"
  • Alodia doesn't like her Bass called a guitar.
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