Quotation1 Why does everyone keep sayin' Charlie is creepy? He's a nice and happy clown! Quotation2
Amber defending Charlie.

Amber Zelle is the granddaughter of Margaretha Zelle (formerly known as Natalie/Natasha), also known as the Female Dancer, a survivor from the asymmetrical horror game Identity V.



Amber is a thin young woman with fair skin. She has green eyes with long lashes. She also has short black wavy hair with a peach clip to prevent her hair going in front of her face. She wears a pinkish peach and yellow contemporary dance type of costume, deep pink heels and pinkish peach and yellow wristbands. Once she's in a match, she appears to wear a brown bag where she carries her music boxes.

She's considered one of the prettiest girls of Game High, and from the Identity V offspring alongside Pythia and Emilia.


Amber is a really kind and fun girl to be with, she's really friendly and likes to stick with people a lot. When she is with friends she usually likes doing fun things with them for she is a little bit goofy in a way. Amber can sometimes be seen flirting to others, for example, Hector. Due to her kind persona, she's really fragile to being mocked by others and cries a lot once she's attacked (verbally).

She can be described as a soft and kind girl that likes goofing around but can't handle being mocked.


In Game

Before meeting Smiley Face, Natalie had a previous husband, who she had a child with. The child was brought to the circus with her and trained to be an animal tamer as well. Once the circus was burnt down, that child was put into an orphanage and "adopted" by a woman named "Margaretha". He continued the circus life until he met a dancer who'm he fell in love with, by the time his mother had already disappeared into the Olethus manor and was no-where to be found. After not recieving any type of information about his mother, he and his wife had a daughter, Amber.



Amber has a really good relationship with both her mother and father. They've always been really supportive and caring of her in every single aspect. The other people from the circus also act as part of her family as well, being like her aunts or uncles. Even she has some "cousins" inside the circus.


She gets along really well with most of the fellow survivor offspring. Her best friend is fellow juggler Harley, who is also her partner in crime. She also likes Clover's presence for she believes Clover is hilarious, as well as kind. Other one of the hunters she gets along pretty well is Pythia. The red head is a really nice person and they're part of the trio of beauties from IDV. The other girl who is part of the trio of beauties is Emilia, and they get along really well. Aside from the survivors, she gets along with Tsubasa who is one of the future hunters. Both of them have the love for dancing and get along pretty well.


Amber doesn't like to think she has any enemies, she doesn't like to be in bad terms with anyone. Although if someone bothers her, and she cries, that's most likely to be her enemy.


She is kind of a flirty girl, for her appereance is her strongest point. After knowing the identity of her secret admiror, being Charlie, she wanted to try a relationship with him. They're now in a nice and healthy relationship.


  • She's trained in contemporary dance and likes to train a little of pole dance, only for exercising mostly.
  • Amber, alongside Pythia and Emilia, is considered one of the beauties of Game High and the IDV offspring.
  • Like her grandmother before her, she has trained in Animal Taming and works as a tamer for the circus sometimes.
  • She's usually good at kiting hunters except for Florencio and Tsubasa.
  • She takes advantage of her relationship with Charlie during matches. Normally all of her companions get hunted down and in the end, Charlie lets her decode ciphers or finds the dungeon for her.
  • Amber has two types of smells at times, the first one being a fruity perfume and the second one being caramel popcorn.
  • Some people could say that their relationship is the accomplished version of the one of their grandparents, since Natalie and Smiley Face were in love with each other.
  • Amber fears that she has a pyromaniatical side of hers or does anything similar to what her grandmother did.
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