Quotation1.png I don't listen to orders from a high class prick because my grandfather already dealt with some kind of underestimation! Quotation2.png
Amir to Archie

Amir Subedar is the grandson of Naib Subedar who is also known as the Mercenary from Identity V. He is a former delinquent who take orders from Gabriela but only he stop after Axel's arrest.



Amir is somewhat serious and loyal kind of guy to his teammates despite of him being judged due to his history of his past delinquency, he will try to clean his name being doing well in studies and matches.

He is also a bit gluttonous as well when it comes to food on sight.


Amir has a slim yet a bit muscular built, tan skin with few scars and bruises, a brown eyes and a chocolate brown long hair tied into a ponytail.

He wore a checkered hoodie with torn sleeves with a black turtle neck shirt, a bag dark grey pants and a dark brown combat boots.

Amir's accessories contains a black bandana, an elbow pads that is use in matches, a bandages on his right thigh, hands and nose and a thigh bag


Before Naib went to the manor, he has a wife back then during his days in the British Military, he also have to leave his son for his better future, after his departure, he left his family to live his life as a mercenary leaving his wife and child devastated of him leaving them.

Years later, his son joined the military and during his years as a soldier, he met a war nurse which he ended up marrying and had 2 kids which is Isha and Amir.



He is distant to his family due to him being a rebel and a troubled child because of lacking of attention and love , however Isha was his only close one in the family,.


Gaspard was close to him but they slowly become distant due to him dating the perfumer and Athena was his also friend but she also warned about Gaspard.


He had pet due of how he thought that no one love him.


Like his fellows, he despised Riley due to him treating him dirty for his grandfather's history along with racist remarks on him reminds of his classmates in his youth who often mock him for being foreigner.


He briefly had a crush on Erid, but it fades because he can't trust himself to have a lover. He knew how Devdan feel about him and he loved him back as well however he is afraid that he might know his history of delinquency as well as his secret job.


  • Amir's name is a Hebrew and an Arabic name that means "treetop"'
  • Amir is once a delinquent but seeing his fellow was used as a scapegoat, he left because he might get used like him.
  • Amir has a soft side with cats because of how it reminded those creature to himself.
  • Like his grandfather, he hated boars and if the food was from a boar, he would rather starve himself.
  • Like Jayden Oblio and Reneé, he had a secret job which might made him potentially be arrested.
    • Another Reason why he is not ready to confess to Devdan.
  • Amir is an expert marksman and great with using Snipers.
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