Gaming Series of Origins Skullgirls.
Gaming Parentage The star from the big top, Cerebella!
Age 16.
Pet(s) I have a cat back home named Tater. Mom's taking care of him while I'm here.
Alignment Most would say Protagonist.
Roommate Basil Sophos. They're a bit weird, but nothing I can't deal with. Their face thing can be a little freaky, though.
Victorious Moments ((TBA))
Knock Out! Moments ((TBA))
Favored School Subject Game Combat, probably. I'm pretty good at it, too, even if I get in trouble a lot for actually hurting people...
Least Favored School Subject Weaponology. I already know all I need to know about weapons, living or not.
Allies ((TBA))
Nemeses Her.
Favorite Food Sushi's pretty good..
Favorite Beverage Probably root beer floats.





Cerebella and Amygdala are pretty close, and she considers the rest of the Cirque des Cartes as family, even if she knows they're not, and that most of them don't really think of her the same way.


She looks up to Cerise, and tries to interact with her when possible, but otherwise tends to keep to herself.


She is scared to death of Liziabeth, and wants absolutely nothing to do with her.


Amygdala is pansexual and doesn't have a significant other.





  • Parasoul's story has been decided as the canon one in GH's universe, hence why Amy actually exists. However, this does not mean that Kasandra's story will happen in the future, meaning that she could end up having to kill someone or be killed by someone. Neither option sounds great to her. However, she hopes to get over her fears for the former, even if that might have some unfortunate consequences.
  • Her name comes from the almond-shaped groups of nuclei of the same name.
  • It's not uncommon to see Amygdala in the nurse's office, getting ice for whatever injury she's gotten herself that day.
  • All things considered, Amy is probably one of the last Skullgirls kids who needs another (even bigger) pair of arms. Who decided this kid needs more things to hit people with. She's already a living weapon.
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