Please just call me "Ana"
Gaming Series of Origins Super Smash Brothers.
Gaming Parentage Tabuu.
Age ... Let's just say I'm 16.
Pet(s) I don't have one. I wouldn't trust myself with it, anyways.
Alignment Antagonist...
Roommate Bailey Koopa. She seems nice enough, but I don't really talk to her that much...
Victorious Moments Any fair game is fun.
Knock Out! Moments ((TBA))
Favored School Subject Glitch 101. I... have my reasons.
Least Favored School Subject I'm rotten at Antagonist 101.
Allies Um... No?
Nemeses ...
Favorite Food Melon.
Favorite Beverage Tea. It's quite relaxing after a long day...





Anatema is an only child. She is not particularly fond of her father, who is very much disappointed in how she's turned out thus far. To make an uncomfortable story short, she'd rather not talk or think about him.


Ana tends to seclude herself from others thanks to her fears of not being good enough, resulting in a lack of friends.


The idea of romance does sound nice to Ana, but she's convinced herself of being unworthy of it. She doesn't even have friends, the idea of a romantic partner sounds incredibly far-fetched to her.




  • "Anatema" is a corruption of the word "anathema", as "Tabuu" is to "taboo".
  • Ana is Jazz's tallest character, at around 7′3″. She can make herself a lot bigger, but this is the smallest she can be.
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