Quotation1 You don't need to care about peasants like them, you only need to care about yourself. Quotation2
Antoinette to Tsubasa.

Antoinette Sophie of France is a descendant of the Bloody Queen from the asymmetrical game Identity V. She is part of the Drama Club at school as both actress and make-up artist.



Antoinette is a slim girl with a bautiful face, she's royalty after all. She has greyish-light brown long hair, blue eyes and ivory skin with a blue-ish shade. It is also seen she has plump red lips, long lashes and soft skin, in which she wears make-up. Something else that is really notory is that she has a beauty spot in her chin. She wears an outfit kind of similar to her ancestor's Bloodbath outfit, only in a pink color with white and golden details.  While using this, her make-up consists in red lipstick, pink eye shadow, black eyeliner and sheer pink blush. In her normal outfit she wears a Hibiscus flower that was given to her by Florencio in one of their dates.


Antoinette is an extroverted girl that loves being treated like the princess she is, because of this she sometimes might be seen as a show-off. She loves the attention, but doesn't like poeple calling her bad names or doing bad things to her. This makes her really resentive, once you do something bad to her you will recieve something ten times worse.

Although, sometimes what you see is partially the truth, because even though she has always been educated in a way that acting like a princess she does have a more humble side to her. People don't see this side often, since she was thought that side is her weak side.


In Game

During the revolution that ended up in Mary's execution, her mother and father succesfully fled from the country to Austria so that they could live peacefully. That happened for quite some years, until the Second French Monarchy started and Louis XVIII invited them back to the palace life. Louis XIX accepted and so they went back to the palace, living with the king. Antoinette was born during the time they had fled to Austria and living in the palace was a complete change for her. Once Louis XVIII saw he had a granddaughter, he saw her as his little girl and spoiled her as much as he could. He bought dresses, pets, jewels, and everything he managed to get so that Antoinette was happy. Eventually this made her the bratty princess everyone saw, she didn't think anyone else was up to par and thought everyone should love her. Still, due to her resemblance to Mary and her princess status, everyone despised her. After a while of living in the palace, she was engaged to her cousin Adolphe D'Orleans. For some reason, she didn't accept that marriage and instead opposed completely to it. Antoinette eventually disappeared the night of her engagement party, her carriage was there but... she wasn't.



Her two parents were always there for her, but were also very strict and somewhat distant. Her best relationship was with her granduncle Louis XVIII, he spoiled her as much as he could since she was his complete adoration. Thanks to Louis's constant desire to make Antoinette happy, she didn't really care about her parents that much and instead saw her granduncle as her role model. After her execution, her only role model became Mary and her mother figure as well.


Tsubasa is her bestie, as well as her partner in crime. They are always seen together talking and gossiping about everyone else in the school. As of other friends, she gets along with any of the hunter offspring from Identity V or thats what she thinks at least. Aside from Tsubasa, she also gets along with Guinevere Desaulnier who is both part of the hunters and the drama club. These three have slumber parties, go shopping together, and do stuff like that together.


Antoinette is not the most liked person in Game High, but she isn't the most hated either. She doesn't really have any enemies, that she knows about. The only actual enemy she might have is Xiao Chen, Xiao keeps on bothering her on, and on, and on. So they both can't stand eachother.


She noticed that Florencio Paganini might have interest in her, so she keeps a close eye on him. Even if she doesn't accept it, she might have a slight crush on him. After they both shared their feelings, they became a happy couple.


  • Her creator was inspired by Marie Antoinette when creating her, luckily enough, Bloody Queen is the representation of the actual queen. Her habilities as the hunter resemble are mostly the same as her ancestor Mary.
  • Her actual age is unknown to most people, but due to being alive during the Second French Monarchy (1814-1815), it is possible she is 205 years of age (or even more). Still, she will never say her actual age, since she's embarrased of it.
  • All of her family had previously fled to Austria when the French Revolution started, but, after the monarchy was restored they went back to France. 
  • Her disappereance was caused by the "commoners/peasants" she knew. Plus, she was also decapitated like her ancestor.
  • Apparently, her and Florencio knew each other before they both met their demise, and they were a couple in secret. After being reanimated however, they forgot each other but fell one for the other the exact same way as before.
  • Even if she eats a lot of cakes, she would not gain any kind of weight.
  • When she was younger, she was taught to play the piano and has some marks on her wrists that depict she was hitten with a ruler by her piano teacher. The fact that she wears gloves is to cover both the ruler marks on her wrists and scars she has in her hands.
  • Antoinette is described to smell like both vanilla and roses.
  • Being a royal she was trained in many different things: piano, dance, acting, manners, singing, painting and many more. Although, she doesn't do most of them since they bring her back memories.


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