Quotation1 His presence...Gives me unusual chills...Something darker behind that nice face he have. Quotation2
Apollo explaining Yvonne about his unusual presence with Peter

Apollo Chariclo Clark is the grandson of Eli Clark or better known as the Seer from Identity V, He followed his grandfather's footstep on being a fortune teller and he is the master of Pythia.



Apollo was a wise young man who can able to predict future with his special visions inherited by his grandfather, he is also act poise when ever he is around with people,. Apollo can also be tolerant as well whenever he faced someone he knew it will trigger someone's anger such as dealing with Evelynn's manipulating persona and Lucas' flirtatious acts on Yvonne.

Apollo can also be a bit dependent when someone is emotionally connected with him like how he used to have a bond with Yvonne.He also disliked keeping secrets from him especially to Pythia which was his so called sister.


He had a resemblance to his grandfather, making having a scruffy brown hair, a white eyes that is covered with his grandfather's blindfold which has a design of ouroboros, and a fair skin. He also have his grandfather's markings on his face.

He wore a dark blue button up shirt with a white buttoned placket, a denim blue scarf, an umber slacks and a wood brown leather shoes.

As for Apollo's accessories, he had a 2 mystical beaded bracelets on his left wrist and a brown watch on his right wrist.


Before Eli left the manor, he impregnated Gertrude back then, she was very excited to show him her pregnancy but then he never came back making her regretting everything and having a thought that he should stick to his fortune telling business because of that incident and knowing he possessed his gift. She began to encourage to keep his legacy by continuing his fortune telling business.

Years later on his son's adulthood, he began to have a family of its own. Apollo was born who also possessed his gift as well but it has a cost which was his own vision making his family devastated about it however, he make a connection to an owl named Joan who lend her his vision for him to see and without her, he was completely blind



Apollo was born from an middle class family, his father was also a fortune teller while his mother is an author, he was born blind by a fever when he was 2 years old which results of him having his grandfather's gift which is having a special eyes, however he only rely on Joan, his owl.


He and Yvonne are very close friends leaving him to have emotional connection to her which gives him a protective behavior on her however when Skye and Yvonne loved each other he remain his emotional connection but the protective acts was subsided and he is also childhood friends with Pythia which is also his apprentice as well.


He had an owl which also his "eyes" named Joan.


He had uncomfortable presence with Peter Christiansen because he knew something is dark behind his nice face.


He had a relationship with Lixue Kang. He began to have some deeper bond on her which making a little bit possessive and willing to take a risk whoever attempted to flirt or hurt her despite the fact he is not made to fight. It is revealed that he and Esther used to be together but due to her overly busy to her embalming business their love between didn't work out as a result of ending their relationship however they are still be best friends.  


  • Apollo loves to listen H.P Lovecraft's work through his podcast. His favorite was the Call of Cthulhu.
  • Apollo's name comes from Greek God of the Sun and Music, while his second name Chariclo a nymph who married a centaur named Chiron and become the mother of 3.
  • He faced Hastur once and it was a horrible experience according to him due to his dark presence.
  • His owl was named from a heroine of France named Joan of Arc.
  • He is the second blind character.


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