Quotation1.png You can't go like that my dear child? Quotation2.png
Arania's motherly instincts

Arania is the adoptive grandchild of Violetta or Soul Weaver, a spider like hunter from Identity V, an asymmetrical horror game from Netease. She is formerly a circus performer but due to her abusive ringmaster she escaped and currently dressmaker for the drama club.



Arania is a sweet and bubbly spider who loves taking care of animals and children, which is why she had a motherly nature according to other hunters even she looks scary on the outside.

She is also have anxiety when she heard a whip crack and fireworks because of how it reminded her abusive ringmaster, if this fears is present she will cry and shiver.


Arania has a metallic spider like appearance,she has sparkly light blue eyes and a wide mouth.



When Soul weaver finished her performance, she saw a child left in front of the circus tent, the spider took the child and raised it as her own, their relationship with her child grew stronger than ever however once she fall from fame, she disappeared to consult the Oletous manor.

Years later, once her child become an adult, she had a family of his own and he had 2 children and one of them is Arania, who was born with tetra-amelia syndrome, her father did not let her outside in fear of judging her or forcing her becoming a freak show like Violetta but he didn't succeeded after he saw his house empty with no young Arania inside of their home and only once left was a flyer t a circus.



Arania was very close to her brother and because of that she still misses the old times with him after her disappearance because of being abducted by the ringmaster. This also apply to her parents who protected her at all cost.


She and Hugo are very close friends since he is always been nice to her along with helping her mechanical limbs to get tighten.


She had clusters of spiders, some of them are given by a survivor named Avery.


She didn't hate Aamar but the way she sees her offended her a bit.


Arania is not a fan of involving relationship not because of her appearance is just that she is not a fan of developing of relationship since.


  • Arania is a derived Latin word of Arenea that means spider.
  • Arania 's size is a struggle in every doors and hallway's in the dorm room, because of that she decided to live on a cottage where Hugo's lab is nearby.
  • She always make clothes for Reuben as well as his plushies.
  • Despite of hating circus, she still respect people from the circus like Charlie and Amber
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