Quotation1.png Pffft! That Dead Girl Walking wanted a piece of that K-Pop star..What a try hard little girl Quotation2.png
Archie talking trash to Esther

Archibald Riley is the grandson of the Lawyer or Freddy Riley, a decoder from the asymmetrical horror game called Identity V. Archie is one of the most hated fellow in the Identity V side.



Archie was a smart and competitive when it comes to educational goals, however behind him being a smart young man. He is fond of making gossips to a person, specifically his fellow Identity V which is why he is been disliked.

Archie is apparently a nice guy before but consumed by pride and money making him the most selfish and manipulative young man. This is why he wanted to had Emilia in his life due to her fortune.


Archie is like the modernistic version of Freddy, he had a chocolate brown hair that is styled neatly, a green eyes and peach skin. He also has freckles and his buck tooth

Archie wore a white shirt with blue vest inserted, a brown belt that secures his cream slacks and his brown leather shoes.

The only accessory he had was his watch and red tie.


After Freddy survived the game, he began to remarry his fellow lawyer however their relationship is not like his former wife Martha, cold and loveless, apparently a payback for his mess he did for the Beck Family. They constantly fight even in front of their daughter because of that fight that they spend so much time for years, they decided to get divorce and took their child away from him. After that he once married and this time a gentle florist and that began to start a better life with her. Years passed by, his child had his own family, resulting Archie to be born, he was very quiet of a child and very choosey on what he wanted especially what school he choose.



He was very loyal to his family which is why he is very serious to his study for them. However that seriousness was an illusion of his greed.


He is not interested with having friends because of how he treat people especially his fellows like trash


Archie was the hated person in the Identity V side because of how he judge them. But mostly he hated Gaspard for taking his so called "prize possession".


He owned a tiny grey mouse which is named after his grandfather.


He find Emilia as an interesting kind of lady he is willing to woo. But the actual reason of seducing her is none other than her fortune.


  • Archibald is a Germanic word which is used as male's name that means “distinguished and bold.
  • Archie dislikes belladonna because of how that flower nearly killed him back then
  • He has list of nick names on each of his fellow Identity V successors and mostly negative one.
  • Archie hated the Dead By Daylight Successors.
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