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Arthur remembering his twin sister

Arthur Desaulnier is the grandson of Joseph Desaulnier or also known as Photographer from Identity V, an asymmetrical survival horror game. 



He is very loyal and sincere to people he met (depends on the treatment he is receiving), he is also confident in showing his own talent or proving people they we're wrong about a subject. Arthur is a bit aggressive and exaggerated whenever he deals with fights which ended up being awkward.

But his confidence covered his deep pain of his sister's death despite of him trying to cope it,




Before Joseph's disappearance, he had a wife and a child back then, however his pain over his brother's death distant them because of him busy of finding a way to resurrect him, which causes his family fall apart and

After that, his son has a twin children of his own which is Guinevere and Arthur, they lived a happy life as a family until Guinevere had a deadly fever which causing him to be depressed as a child, his family tried their best to find thee cure but they didn't, after that she died because of the fever taking over her fragile body.4 Years later after her death, Arthur began to get obsessed of art to cope his pain of losing her, one day, he discovered a camera in their family treasure room and after that he disappeared.



He once lived in an fortunate and happy family, but after his sister's death. They began to fell apart.






He owned a Gray Pomeranian dog named, Terne.


Arthur began to develop romantic feelings to Tsubasa and he wanted to ask Guinevere what he likes so that he will anonymously send gifts for him and then he will confess when he is ready. But then he confessed his love to him and they began to form a healthy relationship.


  • His name was gotten from a famous British leader King Arthur and also his younger sister is named after his wife which is Guinevere.
  • He dislike virtual reality machine that is used in most class due how it gave him migraines after use.
  • Whenever he is the hunter, he always refuse to hit Pythia because he knew her lover might harm him if she got a harmed.
  • He is born somewhere in the 18th-19th century
  • He preserved his life on the obscura like how Joseph did to preserved himself
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