Quotation1.png Shut your sauce bag Lucas and hands off my la soeur! Quotation2.png
Arthur to Lucas

Arthur Desaulnier is the descendant of Joseph Desaulnier or also known as Photographer from Identity V, an asymmetrical survival horror game. 



He is very loyal and sincere to people he met (depends on the treatment he is receiving), he is also confident in showing his own talent or proving people they we're wrong about a subject. Arthur is a bit aggressive and exaggerated whenever he deals with fights which ended up being awkward


Arthur has similar appearance to his ancestor, he had a white hair that is tied up with a yellow hair tie into a lower ponytail, an ocean blue eyes with blue sclera and a pale skin.He wore a napoleon blue jacket with golden details with black and white shirt underneath, a grey slacks with a brown belt and a brown leather shoes with black soles. He also wore a yellow scarf and a rectangular glasses.









He dislike Lucas not because of his personality but how he gave Guinevere some creeps of his constant flirting.


He owned a Gray Pomeranian dog named, Terne.


Arthur began to develop romantic feelings to Tsubasa and he wanted to ask Guinevere what he likes so that he will anonymously send gifts for him and then he will confess when he is ready. But then he confessed his love to him and they began to form a healthy relationship.


  • His name was gotten from a famous British leader King Arthur and also his younger sister is named after his wife which is Guinevere.
  • He always uses Victorian Slang.
  • He dislike virtual reality machine that is used in most class due how it gave him migraines after use.
  • According to Lucio, his French Accent is soothing to hear.
  • Whenever he is the hunter, he always refuse to hit Pythia because he knew her lover might harm him if she got a harmed.
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