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Art's general response, when he isn't making some verbose statement

Artorius Red Memento- or Art, as most people know him- is the son of the titular character from Ib. He comes from the continuity resulting from the Forgotten Portrait ending.



Art is a rather emotionless, proper sort who is somewhat precocious in his understanding of puzzles and art. In the latter department, he is often known as a prodigy, having taken up and excelled at painting at a young age. He does not intend to be particularly quiet, but it's simply in his nature. He's rather soft-spoken but won't hesitate to use lengthy sentences with excessively complex prose. Although he seems to be an introvert, he is actually rather social. He does a lot of things "in the pursuit of art", which may or may not just be an empty excuse for him to exhibit odd behaviors. He is very in tune with art, and exceptionally beautiful works(particularly those of Weiss Guertana) easily bring him to tears in a way that he cannot explain.


Art stands at 5'4" with a lithe physique and relatively pale skin. His light brown hair is fashioned rather neatly on most days, though it remains rather unkempt on days when Art is feeling particularly upset or inspired. He has his mother's big red eyes, along with thin lips and a small nose.


He dons a white button-up with a dull red blazer and matching tie. He dons a pair of dull red slacks and black dress shoes. Tucked into the pocket of his blazer is a single red rose, along with a familiar handkerchief.

A Brief History

Though Ib escaped the gallery, Garry was left behind without a trace of his memory remaining in Ib's mind. Still having a deep connection with the works of Guertana, she took a second visit to the art gallery while in her teens, only to meet the aspiring artist who would later become the love of her life. After graduating high school, the two got a small house with a large "art studio" and eventually had a child who they named Artorius, or Art for short. Art soon showed his artistic prowess, devoting a good amount of his free time to painting in his room. He claimed to put a bit of his life and soul into each of his works, which eerily reminded his mother of Guertana and Mary. He is in his second year of high school.



Art has a very strong bond with both of his parents.




Art does not have one, as he doesn't believe he can own up to such a task.


Art doesn't appear to have his sights set on anyone in particular.

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