Quotation1 Whenever a butterfly comes, a dead love ones visit you.. Quotation2
Ashael to Barret

Ashael Liddell is the great great grandson of Alice Liddell from the Alice Series. He is one of the member of the Art Club and a props man in every school filming.



Ashael was socially awkward in general due to being unsure about the people he faced even his Club Leader despite her friendly personality.He is extremely worriful and overly concerned to Kenneth due to his trouble making decisions.


Ashael has a Black wavy hair with aqua ombre, an emerald eyes and a pale skin. He wore a blue hoodie with fur on the edge of the hood,hem and cuffs with white t-shirt with red neckline and hemline, a denim shorts and a white slip ons with black and white chess board like detains and a red soles. He also as a black collar.



After Alice defeated Agnus Bumby by pushing him on the train station, she started a new life as a theater worker in London Royal Opera House wher she also met her true love who accepted her despite her cruel past, then later they got married and had 2 children together, Years later once their children had their own family of their own, their grandchildren did the same few years later and then Ashael was born. He was raised in London, England, his parents where novelist who are overly focused on their job rather than taking care of him. This causing to leave them both and stayed with his grandparents.


He and Arthur are best friends since freshman, they are always spending their time together like brothers. Lucio was also his friend he spend time with and also his cheat buddy .


He had kaleidoscope of butterflies in his dorm room.


He sometimes dislike his roommate Lucas due to overconfidence along with being lazy on helping him in dorm cleaning.


He had a boyfriend named Kenneth . He is very overly concern to him due to his rebellious acts.


  • Ashael is an Entomophillia
  • He used to dye his hair in teal.
  • Ashael favorite flowers are Belladonna.
  • Ashael sometimes loves to spend his free time in the Wonderland.
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