Character Profile
Game Skyrim
Age 18
Alignment Secondary Character
Roommate Nina
Character Parent Astrid
Victory Moments When i complete my missions correctly and Nazir gaved me my mom's sword 
K.O Moments When people says i am too young for killing people please! i am the next leader assassin of the Dark Brotherhood.
Favourite Subject Wepeanology
Least Favourite Subject uhmm Maths.....i'm an assessin not a mathemathic
Quotes " Choose the victim "
Victory Friends Nina and Gabe

Ashra is the daughter of Astrid from Skyrim.She was born before her mother died.

Personality Edit

She is very creative and she has the leader spirit beacuse she is the leader of the Dark Brotherhood.She was known as a very serious and mean girl but she changed due to the time.

Physical Appereance Edit

She has blonde hair,red eyes, and fair skin.

She wears a red blood mask covering her mouth,a black shirt,a blood red skirt and long black boots.

Relationships Edit

Family- Her mother is dead so she doesn't have any other familiar but the Dragonborn of the game adopted her.

Friends- She is new at school but she's friends with all the Skyrim offspring

Enemies- well she is enemies with all the offspring of kings and queens of Skyrim cuz' she's an assesin

Romance- she is alone at the moment

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