Quotation1.png I am willing to risk my life for Kitana Kahn's daughter and I refuse to betray her just to serve you and your damned mother. Quotation2.png
Ashora to Maika

Ashuka is the only daughter of Sheeva, the first Shokan Queen from the popular fighting franchise called Mortal Kombat. She is a body guard of Lixue Kang and a heir of the throne of being the next Shokan Queen.



Ashuka is surprisingly friendly and kind hearted shokan who is willing to risk her life when it comes to her people and her allies she trusted in her heart, she is also extremely loyal to her friends especially to Lixue which she always treat her as her little sister It is revealed that she has soft side with children which is why she always tell stories about her mother's journey to them to also show that she is worthy of being the Queen of Shokan.

She is also a bit competitive as well which sometimes causing a big disaster, but she is currently tamed it down because of people's criticism about it.







Ashuka is very loyal to her family, especially to her mother, Sheeva which she always sees her as her role model and she wanted to be like her someday especially she is currently Queen in Training because she is apparently the heir of the Shokan throne.


Ashuka was very loyal to Lixue and extremely protective as well for her ans she is willing to risk her life when it comes to her, she is also friends with Huan however she really disliked his profanity but she still respected him and lastly Mik'tla like Lixue, he is loyal to him.


Ashuka has no time for pets because of royal duties and combat training she is very focused with, the reason why she is unable to have pets for a while.


Ashuka despises Maika because of her nearly ruining alliance of the Shokan and Tarkatan due to her witnessing eating her fellow Shokan, until now she remain her mouth shut about that incident to avoid future chaos between them.


Ashuka was willing to have a commitment since it's a part of being queen but she will refuse courtships for now because of her duties.


  • Ashuka's based on the child of Shiva which is named as Ashokasundari, Goddess of Imagination.
  • According to Huan, she is a big hugger and a softie despite of her species.
  • Despite of being respectful to Mik, she sometimes felt awkward around him because Sheeva admitted to her that before she met her father, she used to have a crush on Kotal Kahn. (Referenced on her intros with Kotal Kahn during pre-match)
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