Quotation1.png Crap! I hate hunters bringing excitement it just ruins my effort as a stunner myself.. Quotation2.png
Athena venting to Cressida

Athena Ellis is the granddaughter of William Ellis or the Forward, a stunner survivor from asymmetrical survival game called Identity V. Athena is the first female quarterback in the Game High's Football team and one of the feared survivors because of her longer stun duration.



Athena is a heroic and confident rugby player, who put her heart and soul on her sports to honor her grandfather's creation and she will do anything to grow what he did to gain people's attention which is now successful however it costed his life as well. Athena is also a bit panicky whenever she did her duty as rescuer because she might be unable to rescue them in perfect time which is one of her fear.

She is also a great sportsman to her competitors because she rather win humbly and lose calmly to them because chaotic game giving her headaches because of how it ruins the mood of the game this is also the same in her matches as well.




Before the Forward or William Ellis join game to promote his new invented sport which is Rugby, he had a child with his college sweetheart who also wanted to follow his father's dreams to be like him, however months of waiting for William to come back home, the Manor owner declared him dead due to consuming poisoned wine which Magician or Servais accused for his demise, but unknown if he got arrested or not, because of how bitter was his partner, she decided to do what William wanted which was promoting his invented sports. Once his partner successfully promote the sport in Honor for William. His son followed his footsteps as well.

When William's son had his own family, he wanted to inherit their passion in football to his own children which is Francis and Athena which both of them taking that especially Francis who is now college and was soon joining a league.



Athena was extremely close to her family especially to her older brother Francis which she always hangout with him back then.


Devdan and him are close to each other due to their passion in sports as well as how they can both stun the hunter in long durations makin them the feared duo due to their long stun duration. Other than Devdan, she and Cress are gym buddies.


William was her dog which is a pit bull, she sometimes jog with her.


She is not comfortable around Gaspard because of him being related to his grandfather's killer which is Servais, his grandfather.


Athena is not interested of having romantic relationship due to her love of sports that she have no time for love.


  • Athena's name was named after the Goddess of the defense of Athens, wisdom and crafts. 
  • Athena has an oenophobia or fear of wines because of how it killed William. She didn't want to admit it to anyone because it would be so awkward. Only Cressida knew about her fear.
  • Athena is one of the strongest survivor because of her physical strength that she inherit from her grandfather as well as copying his routine like her brother.
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