Quotation1.png Pythia was such a delicate dahlia..So devoted and so beautiful.. Quotation2.png
Augustus as his obsession with Pythia began..

Augustus Lorenzo Victoriano is the grandson of Ruvik Victoraino, the main antagonist of the first installment of the Evil Within Series. He is one of the smartest student in Game High however behind his smartness, a dark secrets lurks behind him.



Augustus was a poise man with a sweet and gentle personality making every girls in school constantly fell in love with him because of this qualities . He is also gentleman to every ladies he encounter especially to a certain girl he fell in love with him. Despite of being fortunate he is also humble about it because according money is not a source of anything but love is. Augustus is somewhat tolerant.

But his gentleman personality was actually a mask for his love sickness towards to Pythia, this love sickness makes him an obsessive and deranged whenever she rejected him making him constantly breaking down in secret to avoid exposing his true nature.




Before Ruvik died physically, he was married to an heiress, but then he left after she gave birth to his son making unable to not met his father. Years passed, his son followed his footsteps on his obsession father's destiny.

Few decades later, his grandfather wanted him to follow his fate which Augustus obliged to do it to make the Victoriano Bloodline continued in some way especially Ruben was still present as a consciousness.



Augustus was spoiled by his parents because of him being the 'perfect' child due to his knowledge and wisdom that Nick didn't have which results his brotherly relationship to Nick was blind.


He had few friends that he is always accompany with him during school breaks or study time.


He had a black cat named Faust.


He had bitter anger with Apollo Clark because of how he blocked his way to get Pythia and there are several attempts to hurt him


He was extremely lovesick with Pythia Gilman, she is the girl who gave him butterflies in his stomach. Because of his obsession with her he constantly stalking her whenever she is wandering around the forest nearby. It is revealed he is used to be with Emilia Nair however when he discovered Pythia, their relationship become cold and later they broke up.


  • Augustus is a derived from Latin augere meaning "to increase".
  • He is the 2nd Yandere Character in Game High along with Peter.
  • Despite of being in love with Pythia, he is clueless that she had a relationship with Mik'tla.
  • He is slightly inspired by Claude Frollo, the main antagonist of Hunchback of Notre Dame only because only to have an obession to certain person (Coincidentally, Pythia has a slight similarity to Esmeralda)
  • Augustus had a doll replica of Pythia which he talks to it often.
  • It is revealed he stole the doll from the manor's heir.
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