Quotation1 I am the commander of these bees. So dare to approach me they will shove you away. Quotation2
Avery to Antoinette

Avery Plinius is the grandson of Melly Plinuis, better known as an Entomologist, an upcoming survivor from an asymmetrical horror game called Identity V.



Avery was a curious and ambitious insect enthusiast who wanted to know every insects around him and sometimes he risk his life to study one particular insects which makes him a risk taker when it's related to his obsession of insects

He is also a mischievous when he used his ability to control insects like pranking MK kids with a swarm of bees which reminds them of D'vorah which he always do whenever the Mk kids gather around.


Underneath his vintage beekeeper helmet, he has a feminine face which constantly mistaken him has a girl, he also has a short brown hair,a pair of light blue eyes and peach skin tone.

He wore a lab coat with yellow collar and hemline with a pale cream buttoned-up shirt, a green pants and wine red leather boots.

For his accessories he wore his grandmother's gift which is the vintage off-white beekeeper helmet, a pale cream gloves that conceals his bandages underneath his forearms, a net holder and his grandmother's dragon fly brooch.





Avery was lived in a wealthy family of entomologist, his parents are very supportive too his needs and wants in life because of him being an heir to their fortune soon, he also have a little sister which is an elementary student which he always protects.


Since the first day at school, he met Hartwin which was a struggle at first due to his anxiety of facing people as well as struggles of being a transferee student but after knowing each other they became friends, He find Apollo as an interesting human being because of how calm he is but she dislike his owl eating her insects and he like how chill Jayden is.


Avery owned a Hive of Bees and Kaleidoscope of butterflies.


Ithaqua gave him some unusual chills.


Aamar was his crush back then but now they are together.


  • Avery is an Old French name which means "Elf King"
  • Avery sometimes wearing dresses.
  • He had a collection of insect brooches
  • He is obsessed with Star's paws


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