Quotation1.png I am sorry mate but our bond is over. Quotation2.png
Axel before leaving Gabriella's Gang

Axel is the son of Kabal from the most popular fight game called Mortal Kombat, he is formerly part of Gabriella's gang and now he became a part of Roller Derby Team.



Axel was a cocky and a big airhead in his gang days however due to being left behind whenever Gabriella and the gang made trouble that leads him in the edge, he stopped. He became serious and reserved since then and he is also caring to his boyfriend.


Axel has a Black long hair with undercut, a chocolate brown eyes and a fair skin that has few bruises and scars. He wore a black leather jacket that the sleeves are torn to make it sleeveless with a grey tank top underneath, a warm grey ripped jeans with brown belt on the waist and thighs and a black combat boots. He also has a earring on the right ear, a bandage in the left upper arm,a few bracelets, a phone carrier and a two black choker..





Axel was a only child who lives on an unknown place, his mother was also police but retired due to taking care of him and he doesn't met his father ever but he knew who he was


He was very close to his childhood friend Finn Stryker.


He doesn't like to one because he consider them as High Maintenance.


He dislike his former leader Gabriela who dumped him every trouble gang makes he is always the one who gets punished instead the rest of them.


Axel has a boyfriend who also helped his redemption. He is used to be in a relationship with Erid but broke up due to his rebelliousness during his days Gabrielle.


  • He has soft spot on baby animals which he is embarrassed to show due to his image and only Finn and Ash knew about it.
  • Axel admit that the worst decision in his life is joining Gabriella's gig he has no shame on telling that.
  • He used to smoke back then but he only stop once he is in a relationship.
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