Quotation1 Humans are so interesting test subjects...but so are those two... Quotation2
Ayi's thoughts about the two gods

Ayi'ig is the daughter of the Dream-Witch Yihdra, one of the hunters from the asymmetrical game Identity V.



Ayi is a really tall girl, just a little bit over 6'ft (1,85 cm). She has pale grayish purple skin that fades to a darkish purple once it reaches her hands. Her eyes are yellowish orange with a black snake-type pupil. Ayi also has black blueish hair with a wavy and silky texture. She also has really long ears that resemble her mothers. On her left arm she has a hena tattoo that resembles an octopus's tentacle.

From the waist down, she has a long snake type tail with a deep purple color. Her outfit consists on a torn up black top, gold armbands on both arms and what it looks like a cloth tied up her hips. She also has plenty of golden piercings on her ears and nose, as well as a golden necklace.


She is a really calm and neutral person who is always smiling, which might make some people fear her. Ayi doesn't like to get in trouble, but likes to start fights between others without actually being inside of the situation. Rarely you can see her getting angry at someone, so she can't technically hate anyone. You can't see her really happy for or at someone either, that's why she's described as a neutral persona. The only thing that is not exactly normal for her neutral personality is the fact she enjoys "watching the world burn down in flames." Ayi is also very reserved in some aspects, and doesn't like to be seen mas anyone unless its an important matter.


In Game

Yidhra, once she gained this following desired someone to follow her legacy once she decided to step back. That is when the idea of creating a succesor came to her mind and so Ayi'ig was created. A girl, much like her, that was composed of the abilities of both snakes and octopuses. Her own succesor, that will control many more people and make them worship her mother.



Even though Yidhra is her mother, she worships her as if she were part of her followers. She believes her mother is the most powerful being in existance and for that, she needs to rind cult to her. Both of them have mostly a follower and diety relationship, although, Yidhra does see her daughter as such. When Ayi was still young, Yidhra wanted to see if she was worthy off carrying her legacy. Once she was aknowledged as such, Yidhra felt pure joy about her daughter.


Being born for the same reason, Ithaqua and Ayi became best buddies. They are both gods and want to help their creators/parents, so they work together. Aside from Itha, she likes Pythia Gilman's presence. She believes Pythia is a gentle soul and likes her personality, she also blessed her.




After a close encounter with the wind god Sora, she started developing certain feelings for him that she had never felt before. They eventually became a couple.


  • Her name, as well as her nationality, some parts of her appareance and abilities, are taken from HP Lovecraft's character from the same name. Who, according to what he has said, is actually Yidhra's daughter.
  • She is mostly invisible to most part of the Game-High students except for ones that are trained in the mystical arts, are worshippers of any diety or religion and her fellow hunters. 
  • Ayi is found most of the time sleeping, for she has almost all the knowledge she needs.
  • If someone were to fall in love with her, she would like that person to worship her.
  • Ayi has three different forms: True, Serpent and Human. Her true form resembles a snake on the top part and from the waist down it resembles an octopus. The serpent for is her "normal" form she uses at school and game. Her human form hasn't been witnessed by anyone, most likely because they don't recognize her.
  • Ayi lacks of emotions, but Sora helps her with that.
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