Bailey Koopa
Character Profile
Game Super Mario Bros.
Age 14,I'm pretty young,the Koopalings and even B.J are older than me.
Alignment I'm supposed to be an antagonist,but,I really don't think it's for me.
Roommate Anna Theemah,she kinda quiet,I like her clothes though.Sometimes I wonder if that's a real Smash ball...oops!Off topic!
Character Parent Bowser the First!I only say that so no one gets him confused with B.J!
Victory Moments I'd have to say it's nice to get a day without Marie picking on me...she's kinda rude.Not something you'd expect from Peach's kid.
K.O Moments Well,it's kinda hard to get a break when you're the daughter of the infamous Koopa King.However,it is nice that some people like me.
Favourite Subject Hmm,I'm not sure yet,but,I do like the class where we bake!What was it called again?
Least Favourite Subject Antagonism 101,I'm not a big fan of it.
Quote "I'm not bad!Honest!"
Victory Friends Well,uh...shoot.


Despite being the daughter of Bowser,Bailey's actually very nice.She rarely loses her temper.But when she does,run!Bailey is pretty shy due to living her whole life in Bowser's castle.She may seem like she's antisocial,but that comes from the students who fear her because of her father.If one is friends with her,she will actually open up to them and tell them that she's never quite been normal and that may be the reason why she believes everyone shuns her.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Bailey has a pair of crimson red eyes,yellow skin much like her father and multiple Koopas,and a head of bright orange hair.She is very tall without heels and has a shell on her back,which is hidden because of her clothes.She doesn't posses a tail yet,but will get one when she's older.She's seen in clothes that are varied shades of pink.



Bailey's kinda an average girl...err...Koopa when it comes to her family.She does look up to her dad in a way,but it's only the good parts that ring out to her.As for the Koopalings,they're like her mentors in life,each of them teaching her what you have to do in a game.Even Wendy,though that involves nail polish.


She's alone at the moment.


Bailey's fallen head over heels for a couple guys once,but she knows with her status and Marie constantly embarrasing her,it's hard to get a date.


Marie could be considered an enemy,but,look at Bailey!She's the nicer of the two.


She owns a pet Buzzy Beetle name Hornet.


Bailey is seen wearing a salmon pick,pink shirt with sleeves,a hot pink skirt,salmon boots with pink wedges.She is also wearing fushia lipstick,along with pink and mauve eyeshadow.



Bailey is fluent in Koopa,Whomp,and Goomba,making it easier to talk to most of the enemies in the game.

She is currently being tutored by Kamek in the subject of magic.

When pushed hard enough,let's just put it bluntly.....Bowser's Final Smash....yep,that's one wrecked school.

Bailey can breathe two kinds of fire,normal and pink-colored fire.

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