Gaming Series of Origins Five Night's At Freddy 5
Gaming Parentage Ballora
Age 16 year old when she was possessed.
Alignment Antagonist
Roommate Babylon
Victorious Moments dancing and get on the stage its my victory moment.
Knock Out! Moments Broke my leg its my biggest fear.
Favored School Subject Antagonist 101 and drama.
Least Favored School Subject Astrology
Allies Well all of the Five night franchise or other game
Nemeses Dunno
Favorite Food Pizza

Ballorina is the daughter of Ballora from the coming game Five Night's At freddy's franchise, 


She's like to dance everytime she had the time, because she is a dancer like her mother and brother she love to be on stage, she know that that's why she want to impressed her mother with, but she also friendly sometime with other students at the shool.

She like to be seem like some popular girls, but sometime her idea get threw her head sometime and she know that, all she want is being loved by anyone who see her and want to have fun with her friends.

She also like to go shopping with other sometime, only when its clothes or want to talk of hairs style, because like other girls from the school she like to do those things after school or else.

Physical ApperanceEdit

She had gray skin with purple eye and lips, she also have very long purple hair, she have chignon tail but the rest is free hair, she had a purple tube shirt with purple ballerina skirt, and have purple heels on her feet for dance when she dance.



She's the daughter of Ballora , her family like to dance on stage her mother show her some move like her mother, she is a really good dancer like every member of her family, and just to impress her mother by show her what she really is.


She is friends with some students at the school, bbut mostly some kid of her game franchise like Babylon son of Baby, or other character from her future game of the franchise, but that not mean that she's not friends with other students of the school neither she like some of them and specialy when it shopping talking.


well she doesn't really believe in romance until she put her eye on Piers Fazbear, but he seem oblivious to this, because he didn't notice her, well she know that Mare Nette also have feeling for him, but she doesn,t how she will reacted if she know that she also had feeling for Piers too.

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