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Barret hearing the existence of the offsprings of Mileena,Tanya and Rain

Barret Black was the son of Erron Black from Mortal Kombat. He is a Kinich's guard along with Neutro which was soul fusion colleague of his.



Barret is a quiet and serious and he is a guy that never underestimated due to his loner nature people thought he is target worthy but they'll just suffer themselves once they tried to step on his face. Despite of being a loner , he is a sweet and supportive lover to Demi sometimes also over protective due to to her risk taking spirit. Unlike his father he is not flirty at all.

He used to be obsessed with money due to Erron's influence but once he work longer on Kinich;s side, he started to be attached on his boss in a friendly way making him doing this job not only for the money but to serve the old Kahn's son.


Barret has a light brown slicked up hair hiding underneath his wine red cowboy hat, he has emerald eyes with a some eye bags underneath and a fair skin with some scars on his cheek and his right fore arm along with a burn marks on both of his fore arms as well caused by a sprinkle of Saurian saliva while he is filling up some bottles with it. He had his ochre polo shirt with a brown vest with a leather cloth on the upper chest with gold details and white buttons, a black pants that is inserted with his leather brown cowboy boots with light brown soles, he has few accessories on his both arms which is green tribal bracelet with an animal tooth and a leather strips.


Barret's mother was formerly a human spy of Kotal Kahn but only left once she was impregnated by Erron by accident. Once she gave birth to him she left due to her fear of his son being neglected by him due Erron's greedy nature but she was wrong once Erron found out he had a son, he began to slowly show his affection to him making his mother realize she was wrong about him as a father which began their unbreakable bond as a father and son. Sadly his mother died due to an illness before he left his home world.



His relationship with his father was surprisingly normal. Erron treated his son like his pal.


He had a best friend named Clover which was he always accompany with sometimes,


He had a crow named Azreal which he found somewhere on his journey in Earthrealm .Azrael had a broken wing when he saw her.


He disliked Gabriella after a fist fight due to how she is very prideful for him to not pass their place just to throw garbage which he admit he consider this as the most absurd fights he had ever dealt with.


.He is surprisingly have girlfriend named Demi, they are describe as a yin and yang due to Demi's outgoing personality while he is a bit of a loner however she respects it .


  • Barret has an Acute Insomnia due to temperatures he had been through in both Game High and Outworld.
  • He is former name is Roxas but due to how distance it is on his Western Origin he became Barret which is one of the known cowboy names.
  • He is one of the rebooted 2015 OC's of Draculaura.Clawd, he got rebooted due to how inaccurate to his dad back in the day.
  • He also frequently transfer realms because of he constantly visit his relatives on Earthrealm then his father in Outworld.
  • Barret doesn't like his weapon which is a gun getting insulted of how his father got disrespected by other fighter because of weapon.