Ben Pitfall is the son of Pitfall Harry from the Pitfall series he's a explorer and the brother of Pitfall Harry Jr. He's also the first student from the Pitfall series to attend Game High.

Physical Appearance

Ben sports forest green eyes, caucasian skin, short brown hair, a perma stubble, while standing at 6ft 2 inches and is built plus he wears a basic archaeology outfit.


Ben is adventurous, brave, honorable, selfless, cocky, sarcastic, fast talking, confident, determined, clever, sly, skilled, cartoonish, silly, intelligent, respectful, brotherly, courageous, stern, creative, and kindhearted.



Ben is the son of Pitfall Harry and the younger brother of Pitfall Harry Jr. from the Pitfall series his mother is unknown and all he knows about her is that she was a an archaeologist.


Ben is close with fellow explorers and treasure Hunters Patrick Drake and Martin Flynn despite the age differences between the three.




Ben is Single.


Ben is the first student from the Pitfall Series to attend Game High.


Quotation1 Better not be no pitfalls in this jungle I hate those traps Quotation2
Ben when exploring the Amazon Jungle with Patrick and Martin
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