Bent Tortoise
Untitled drawing by pierre1987-d84zg7x.png
Gaming Series of Origins Sly Cooper
Gaming Parentage Bentley Tortoise
Age 14 year old
Alignment Protagonist
Roommate Shevion Alomar
Victorious Moments Be the informatician and hero like my father before me.
Knock Out! Moments Be defeated by the villains of my game and be betrayed by the girl i will love that ca make me cry.
Favored School Subject Technology 101 ,weaponology 101 and math
Least Favored School Subject Gym
Allies all of my gang thief friends are my friends.
Nemeses Antagonists of the game they are not friendly at all.
Favorite Food vegetable soup


Bent is so kind and friendly, he's also shy and wordeful inventor, creative and smart. He can created thingss very well like his father, but if someone make him cry he will be sad, because like his father he do not like be betrayed.

Physical DescriptionEdit

He wear a adventurer shirt and pants with a hat, he got green skit like his father .



He's the son of Bentley and he's his only son.


Everyone who go to be protagonists in his game and other protagonists of other games.


Everyone who go to be antagonits in his game who think they are not nice.


Bent have no romance interest yet.

But to be interested in Carmella Sandiego, everyone told him he shouldn't date her, because he's a protagonist and she's a antagonist, but like some students said alignment doesn't matter if you are really in love.

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