Quotation1.png What a lovely maiden we have here... Would you mind a..Serenade to fall you off, my lady? Quotation2.png
Bishounen in every woman he encounter

Bishounen is the younger "brother" of the Week 6 antagonist, Senpai from the rhythm game called Friday Night Funkin'. He is one of the popular guys in school due how charming he is to the ladies.



Bishounen has a charismatic and sweet young man who is fond the attention of the girls around the school, they are willing to tear each other to get his attention. He will sing every girl he find attractive a sweet serenades to fall them off. He is also a big crybaby when he got offended or rejected.

Because of how he is fond of the girl's attention, he tend to break his character when someone was on his way to steal the girl's attention, Bishounen became brash and very irritated, it doesn't matter how famous the person is, as long as girls will only lay their eyes on him and only him.



Like Senpai, he has a neatly done strawberry blonder hair , a sweet looking sapphire blue eyes and a fair skin.



Alternate Outfit






He was the only relative that Senpai has, he always teaches him on his studies and how to get girls' attention so that he can also apply it on himself. After his unexpected caused by the Spirit emerging from his face, he felt heart broken without him but still doing what his brother do anyways.




He owned a black and white cat named Momo.


Bishounen despises boys who took his girl's attention, it doesn't matter how famous they are.


Every girls in school craved for his attention and serenades, however he struggled to choose one of his Juliet and he will swear he will protect her no matter what and won't let anyone will take his Juliet away.


  • He is the first Game High Character who is nameless. But he had a label to feel like he had a name.
    • Some girls nickname him as Hansomu which is the engrish version of "Handsome" which he embraced.
  • Bishounen means "beautiful boy"
  • His face will be red when he is overly-angry.
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