Blake Demo
Blake Demo
Gaming Series of Origins Team Fortress
Gaming Parentage Demoman
Age 14 year old
Alignment Protagonist
Roommate Florian Scout
Victorious Moments Be with my friends from valve game is my victory.
Knock Out! Moments Be bullied is my weakness so i will not let anyone put me down.
Favored School Subject Quoutology and Weponology101
Least Favored School Subject Dunno
Allies Every Valve game characters.
Nemeses None
Favorite Food Chocolate bar.


He's friendly, but got got one of this temper when he's angry, but he do not want to be drunk comparated to his father, he also love to help someone in need.

Physical DescriptionEdit

He's all muscle like his father, he had dark skin and scottish accent, he wear a black bandana on his head, but unlike his father he got his two eyes colorored brown, he wear a red suit with white sleeve and blue pants with brown shoes on his feet.



he's one of the son of the demoman, well he have also one sister, but most of them are boys.


All Valve child characters are his friends.


He doesn't have a love interest, he do not think about it not think about it for the moment, but all girls find him cute, but Chippy Chickers seem to be interested to him, but he do not notice her and Foxenna Foxerton is not really his style, so he tried to find a girl who really interested him.

He seem to catch the eyes of Marthia the princess of the fire emblem series games, he seem to be interested to her too, he really want to know her better, but it doesn't seem to be easy to talk to her, it seem someone else have also crush on the girl he really like.

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