Marcy's POVEdit

Man...I am still sleepy a little bit..When I finshed the third class.I walked at the front of the schoo to find some study place, until I found the tree"Hah!That was a good study place"I said and sat under.I was concentrate until a book fell in my legs"Huh?What is this?"I asked before I get the book"Huh?Book of secrets?"I read the front page.Then I began to read.OMG!I saw the first page."'Marcy- was a special child because she's always stick with her daddy".What!I am not like that..It's a lie!A Horrible lie!Who wrote this!Then I flipped the page."Cassia-''''She was a horrible leader of all the time."WHAT!!She's wrong about this!SO I countinued to read each page.When I am finished!The book was at my hand and find the Principal's office.I search and search each doors until I finally found it!"Yes!"I shouted and open the Principal's office"Hey Marcy.There's someting wrong??"he asked"Yes sir!Maybe read this book of lies!"I shouted"Marcy Darling.Dont shout like that,just stay calm"."STAY CALM,I STAY CALM WHEN YOU READ THE BOOK OF LIES!"I shouted"OK,OK" he said and began to read the book of lies"Mama Mia!Is...Uhh.OMG!!What!!It's a lots of lies"Mr Mario shouted I told you!!"I shouted.

Mysterious Girl's POVEdit

I was walking at the hallway..I searching the book of lies! Becaus one of my members reported me about the book..So I began to search,when I was searching,the principal shouted in the mic "WHO WROTE BOOK OF LIES!!IF YOU KNOW THE GIRL CALL ME TO THE OFFICE ASAP!".Hmm so someone's found the book so I've decided to came to stop searching.

Marcy's POVEdit

I finally report the book.When I go out!I sat at the bench,drink some cold faygo to refresh my mind.Until a girl came to me"So youre the girl who found the book huh?"she asked and the way she asked it's same as Ada Wong"Uhh...Yes actuallyy..Hahahaha"I laughed before a drink my faygo"Well let me introduce my self.I am Cassia Jane Redfield but you can call me Cassy or Jane"she grinne"PFFFFFFFFFFTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!"I spat my red faygo"What!What's wrong gurl?"she asked with confused face"Are you related to..Chris?"I asked like a dork"Related?No silly,I am her daughter.The Oldest"Cassy replied "PFFFFFT!!!"I spat again"Why are you spitting!?"she asked with anger"What no sorry about that.BTW I am Marceline Nivans"."Hmm daughtet of the Sniper in BSAA.Huh?"she said while her hand was on her nice chin"Ohh well.I know who's wrote the book"."Who?"I asked in serious face"Hahaha!Well one of the popular girls"the brunnete teenage girl smirk"Well tell me"I requested her"Ok her name is Ashlynn Graham!".

After the talk.I ran to the office"Sir!"I pant"Well Darling,Do you found the writer of the book?" he asked"Well yes sir..Her name is Ashlynn Graham"I smirked like a spy and he grabbed his mic"ASHLYNN GRAHAM.PAGING TO THE OFFICE!!"He said with anger"Hehehehe"I laughed and go out to the office.Mission accomplished.

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