Bradford Overbeck is the son of William "Bill" Overbeck from the Left 4 Dead series and the Left Behind DLC from Dead By Daylight he's the 2nd Left 4 Dead kid to attend Game High after Demi, he's also mistaken for a grandpa/grandfather due to his gray hair and Grandfatherly persona earning the nicknames Old Man, Young Grandpa, Old Dog, and Survivor Grandpa. He's also a War Veteran where he gained the nicknames Soldier Boy, Private Ryan, and War Veteran.

Physical Appearance

Bradford is seen as a tall caucasian young adult with blue eyes grey hair and a muscular build and is occasionally dressed in a combat jacket, military trousers with combat boots or civilian attire.


Bradford is a grandfatherly, serious, commanding, militaristic, brave, respectful, responsible, caring, honest, clever, bold, reliable, resourceful, generous, hardened, courageous, self sacrificing, athletic, kind hearted, and grizzled.



Bradford Overbeck is the son of William "Bill" Overbeck from Left 4 Dead and Dead by Daylight his mother is unknown but he at least has a good relationship them.


Bradford is friends with Sam Fairfield, Tyler Park, Devin King, Anakin Visconti, Demi, and Josh Morrison and they have a great friendship among each other.




Bradford is single.


Bradford is the creator's first Left 4 Dead's character on the site.

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