Physical Appearance Edit

Bruce has Green/Blue eyes black hair average build and tall with caucasian skin 5'0 clock shadow and wears clothes similar to his father.

Personality Edit

Bruce is Cynical, tired, sympathetic, caring, short tempered, frustrated, hard working, brave, and strong willed he's also paranoid sometimes most likely because of the numerous visits he made towards Bright Falls and Night Springs, but doesn't let the paranoia get the best of him.

Interests & Hobbies Edit

Bruce's hobbies and interests includes writing, reading, and books (but not in a nerdy way).

Likes Edit

Whenever Bruce isn't working himself to death or until he's stresses himself out he enjoys coffee bantering with friends or just hanging out with them.

Dislikes Edit

Bruce hates dead ends, writer's block, his doppelganger, and the dark presence for it just keep following him everywhere he goes no matter how much he tries to escape from it.

Relationships Edit

Family Edit

Bruce is the only son of Alan Wake and Alice Wake from Alan Wake and he has a great relationship with them both, he just wish that he could spend some more time with his father.

Friends Edit

Bruce don't have many friends except Richard Greene for he seems to be one of the few students who knows what its like to be stressed.

Teachers Edit

Bruce has a lot of respect for the school's educators and their workers for he never did anything to upset them, but he's more close to the creativity writing teacher Harry Mason almost like a mentor of sorts he just got to watch his tongue for he doesn't want to ask him about his past in Silent Hill before Video Game High.

Romance Edit

Bruce is single.

Trivia Edit

Bruce is the President of the Book Club.

Bruce always carries a flashlight with him and a gun hidden case he encounters the Dark Presence during his school years.

Bruce is the only Oc of TallTalesfan20 that has a mentorship with one of the teachers.

Bruce had visited both Bright Falls and Night Falls numerous times and he don't like talking about it.

Quotes Edit

Quotation1 A writer never reveal his secrets Quotation2
Bruce's personal quote
Quotation1 The Dark Presence isn't something you want to tangle with trust me Quotation2
Bruce explaining the Dark Presence
Quotation1 Call me Bruce Mr. Wake is my father Quotation2
Bruce in Protagonist 101 class
Quotation1 Mr. Mason please you know I don't feel comfortable talking about my trips to the places my parents visited Quotation2
Bruce during Creativity Writing
Quotation1 Leave the darkness to a professional Quotation2
Bruce taking on the Dark Presence by himself
Quotation1 Darkness why did it have to be Darkness Quotation2
Bruce when he encounters the Dark Presence
Quotation1 I dealt with paranormal things before so don't tell me that I don't know anything about paranormal activity Quotation2
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