Bunnito Rabbit
Nintendo child characters 004
Gaming Series of Origins Five Night At Freddy's
Gaming Parentage Bonnie The Rabbit
Age 13
Alignment Antagonist
Roommate Dirk Jones
Victorious Moments Created my own happy gaming game because i don't want to be like my dad.
Knock Out! Moments Be defeated by the protagonist at 6am it will be my weakness and i don't like that.
Favored School Subject Antagonist 101 and Quoute.
Least Favored School Subject Weaponology
Allies All Character who are antagonist but only protagonist to be my friend is Ruby Cooper
Nemeses All protagonist should be my enemies exception for Ruby.
Favorite Food Pizza and Carrots.


He's more like social and friendly rabbit robot boy then a antagonist, he don't like be treated like one of the villain because his dad was, he's not evil has his father he's so funny and love tell jokes.

Physical DescriptionEdit

He look like a bunny but he's completely mechanically robotic, he wear a hooded short sleeves sweatshirt , and have blue marine short.



he's the only son of Bonnie the Rabbit


All antagonists should be his friend, but Ruby is more then just a friend same if she's a protagonist.


All protagonists should be my enemies exception of Ruby.


Secretly dating Ruby Cooper, they keep their relationship secret, because they do not want anyone to know about it, and they tries to keep it secret long as they can. But if one day someone discover their secret they will not know what to do, but for the moment no one it seem to concerned, so they still keep it a secret. Ruby briefly broke up with him, because of peer pressure she was facing. But she finally took him back, declaring he was more important, then her status of protagonist.

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