Calico "Kimmie" Fortune
Character Profile
Game Skullgirls
Age 15 and immortal
Alignment I'm gonna be a protagonist,but,for nya-ow I'm just gonna chill!
Roommate {{{roommate}}}
Character Parent Ms. Fortune (Skullgirls)
Victory Moments Care to challenge me to stuff my face with dim sum?I never lose!
K.O Moments Goofing up,you see,I can detach my limbs and that can get really annoying whenever you trip and lose a leg.And then someone trips over my leg.I also tend to steal,which lands me in a litterbox full of trouble.
Favourite Subject Thievery 101,gotta stay sharp!
Least Favourite Subject Gym,I trip and know.
Quote "Remember,remember,the Fifth of Dismember!"
Victory Friends Misaca Strife


Sneaky and darn proud of it,Calico prides herself on being the daughter of a notorious theif from the Canopy Kingdom.She holds herself up to the standards of the Fishbone Gang,her mother's family.Calico hopes that one day she can rebuild the Fishbone Gang and become a vigilante of sorts.

Physical DescriptionEdit

Calico is a bit lanky due to her feral roots,this is accompanied with claws on her hands and feet,a cat tail,and a pair of ears.Her hair is a blonde color littered with streaks of red.She posses a set of whiskers and cat-like pupils.



Calico's mother is Ms. Fortune herself,a theif who was raised by the Fishbone Gang until they met their tragic fate in an attempt to steal the Life Gem.Ms. Fortune swallowed the Life Gem before she met her doom.And now she is alive due to the Life Gem.


One of her friends is Misaca Strife,the daughter of Cloud Strife and Tifa Lockheart.She's also on good terms with Icelina Bully.


It's currently unknown if she has any,debating if any of the Medci Mafia's kids were transferred to Game High.


Wouldn't that be awkward?




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Calico's nickname comes from Ms. Fortune's voice actress,Kimlinh Tran.

Most of her appearance is also a nod to Ms. Fortune's concept art.

Her quote is actually what Ms. Fortune says during her Level 3 blockbuster named the Fifth of Dismember.

She is technically undead.

Her name is a cat breed.

Her theme is "Gonna Change Some Thangs".It belonged to a group in TNA named Fortune.

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